Hello, and welcome to the blog that explains all nuances of the real estate industry. My fascination with this industry came many years ago after I finished college. I was looking for some exciting things to do as I didn’t have a goal I would work toward with. Real estate industry is a fascinating niche that promises great things to people that is willing to commit to it. This blog is my way of helping people get into real estate business and find out whether it is for you or not.

My journey through the real estate business started more than five years ago, and I have accomplished a lot during that time. I have started at the bottom and worked my way up the ladder to become one of the leaders of an organization that worked on commercial real estate development. I abandoned that job after some time and became an adviser, a job that I still do. I have chosen this career path as I saw that helping other people succeed where I did is much more satisfied that working in the industry as one of its players.

I have started writing articles for this blog because it seems that this is the easiest way to reach out and share my thoughts and knowledge about real estate. Every item you will read on this blog is the combination of general info and my observations from the time I worked as a broker. You will find that all of the articles contain useful info for those that want to enter this world. They also includes various links that will take you to seminars, classes, courses, and materials about all aspects of the real estate business. Do remember that the real estate industry is vast and it has many different elements, some of which will take a lot of time to cover on this blog.