Learning About Commercial Real Estate Development

The goal of every individual that enters the commercial real estate development industry is to create a steady stream of profit from property they buy, refurbish and then lease. But, doing this is a process that requires knowledge and investments as the gain is determined by the quality of the product you deliver. The product, in this case, is the building or the land you bought. The amount of profit it will bring you is determined by commitment toward projects you choose to do on the said property.

What responsibilities this career entails

This career option will have you juggle various duties to finish projects that will improve the property in a variety of ways. Development of the commercial property requires the coordination of multiple contractors and vendors. It’s up to you to find suitable companies that will finish their part of the work in an allotted timeframe. People that work in this industry have a long list of contacts that ensure that professionals with years of experience handle every responsibility.


Both interior and exterior design of the property plays a significant role in its lease. An excellent property may be worth little if the design of the same is inadequate. You, as a commercial real estate broker, need to have some understanding of the design and how it affects space.

But, don’t risk a backlash by taking the whole design thing in your hands as you probably aren’t the pro in this field. Hiring professional designers is the correct way to approach this part of the project.

The construction process is the central part of the building project, and it needs to go smoothly as it determines the whole timeframe you created. Saving money by hiring inadequate construction company is something that can undermine the entire project and cause problems that might halt everything and cause monetary losses. Hire a pro and pay them well to avoid any issues in the future.

Expanding the business

You shouldn’t start this career as a leader of a group that buys and leases property, even though you have money to do that. It’s better to start at the bottom and work as an employee in a commercial real estate development company. This will give you an insight into the whole business, and the lessons you learn here will play a big part in your future.


Starting as an employee that has to juggle a lot of work with various contractors will prepare you for the future. The experience you get through this will also build you a secure network of connections that will be invaluable in the future. Mistakes you might make during this period will be alleviated by people that work with you and oversee the work you do.